5 costly mistakes expats make when hiring a lawyer in Italy and how to avoid them

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Welcome to our client guide, written by attorneys for clients. – 5 costly mistakes expats make when hiring a lawyer in Italy and how to avoid them.

We wrote this guide to help you better navigate the legal landscape of Italy like a pro.

This information in this guide will empower you to make informed and educated decisions when engaging legal services in Italy.

We are passionate about the legal services industry and have dedicated our business to educating consumers.

If you have any questions on legal services or hiring a lawyer please don’t hesitate to contact us.

5 costly mistakes expats make when hiring a lawyer in Italy and how to avoid them

1. Prioritizing the Wrong Legal Capabilities

An effective lawyer isn’t just giving you legal success, so don’t only prioritize a lawyer’s legal record or merits. Instead, focus on their ability to build a relationship. So, ensure your legal ally speaks your language, literally.

A lawyer who speaks English will foster a deeper relationship, providing a host of legal advantages. The lawyer will hold a deeper understanding of the problem and a more effective legal strategy can be implemented. The benefits for you are going to be more apparent.

You’ll be able to freely express all thoughts and concerns, and assure you that you’ve got a legal ally by your side. Without a relationship, you’re going to be left in confusion and frustration, underscoring the importance of fluent communication in your legal journey.

Follow these rules to screen a law firm or lawyer for high English skills: Look for an English version of the law firm’s website. Give them a cold-call. In conversation, encompass both professional and personal topics to assess their language proficiency comprehensively.

2. DIY Disasters

Dispel any conception you might have that navigating the Italian legal system solo is a viable option, especially for seemingly straightforward tasks like property transactions or citizenship applications. There may be some difficulties you will encounter. First is the Italian legal system. Given its frequent revisions, bureaucratic complexities, and regional differences, navigating the Italian legal system without a lawyer will prove challenging.

Second is your lack of Italian. Communicating with Italian government officials in English may lead to misunderstandings and potential frustration.

Many DIYers ended up here after realizing the tangled web they were in.

This is just to give you a glimpse of Italy’s complex legal landscape.

You can try to do it by yourself but don’t say we didn’t warn you!

3. Unfamiliarity with Italy’s Legal Cost Structure

Be mindful of your finances! Although Italian lawyers are cheaper than our American counterparts, the judicial cost structure is a whole different ball game.

While the “American Rule” mandates that each party bears its own legal costs, Italy adheres to the “English Rule,” where the losing party often covers the winner’s legal fees. This significant shift in risk and reward underscores the importance of legal planning and proactive measures. So strategize accordingly!

5 costly mistakes expats make when hiring a lawyer in Italy and how to avoid them

4. Overlooking American and Other Foreign Tax Breaks

Unveil the hidden tax gems embedded within Italy’s intricate legal landscape by embracing proactive legal engagement. A savy lawyer can help you navigate the maze and save some serious cash. Take full advantage of Italy’s inbound expat tax structure, as well as other foreign tax incentive systems such as the non-dom regime and Retirees Regime.

A lawyer can also introduce and help you apply the additional Italian tax advantages such as its inheritance and gift policies and capital gains exemptions on real estate and artwork just to name a few of them. Save money now and ensure a financially bright future.

5. Not Asking the Right Questions

When it comes to hiring a lawyer, it’s all about finding the perfect match.

You need someone who truly understands your needs, your case, and your goals. Asking the right questions is your ticket to uncovering the legal superstar who’s just right for you. But in Italy, the rules are different!

Questions that work in the U.S. legal landscape might not fly in Italy.

So, what happens if you miss the mark with your questions? Well, you’ll end up with a legal mismatch—a lawyer who’s just not on the same page. That means disagreements, misunderstandings, and trust issues aplenty. And trying to switch lawyers mid-case? That could spell delays or legal complications, talk about a headache!

To avoid all that drama, take the time to ask the right questions upfront. It’s your best bet for finding the legal rockstar who’ll have your back every step of the way. Want the questions we would ask a lawyer in Italy? We’ve got you covered! Click here and immediately scratch this possible mistake off the list.

5 costly mistakes expats make when hiring a lawyer in Italy and how to avoid them

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