The importance of Price VS Value

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IntroductionThe Importance of Price VS Value

Difference between Price and Value



Welcome to our client guide, written by attorneys for clients.

We wrote this guide to help you better navigate the legal landscape of Italy like a pro.

This information in this guide will empower you to make informed and educated decisions when engaging legal services in Italy.

We are passionate about the legal services industry and have dedicated our business to educating companies and consumers.

If you have any questions on legal services or hiring a lawyer please don’t hesitate to contact us.

The Importance of Price VS Value

Difference between Price and Value

Price is what you pay for. Value is what you get.

We know there are a wide variety of legal service providers, substitutes, and prices to choose from, but just as your business or wellbeing are investments, it pays to also invest in quality legal representation.

So what constitutes “value” for a lawyer in Italy?

According to the world’s leading law firms, there are three skills that make a lawyer special.

Having someone who brings these skills to the table will give you a smooth legal journey from start to finish, optimize your chances for legal success, and save you money in the long-run.

1. They Build a Strong Relationship

A mature lawyer views a client as a long-term strategic partner, with a focus on long-term mutual benefit and growth.

You’ll see a good lawyer make an equal effort to both understand you and your case.

This is crucial help them figure out your best route for legal success.

You’ll also see it in the little things: clear agreements, updates and, and a strong relationship that’ll have you completely confident in your representation.

For this, your lawyer should have high English skills.

2. They Can Look at the Big Picture

Most clients use a lawyer for a singular legal matter. But what you might think is a one-time issue, might come back around to haunt you again.

That’s the risk you take if your lawyer isn’t thinking far ahead. So, your potential lawyer in Italy should have handled or followed several similar experiences in the same legal field.

This allows them to take a truly holistic view of your legal matters. Their goal: fix current issues and unearth potential issues before they become costly problems.

This proactive approach means they’ll guide you through legal solutions that address immediate issues and potential future challenges such as legal disputes and complications that you never saw coming.

3. They can always Get it Done

An organized and accountable lawyer takes proactive and extra measures to ensure their tasks are completed thoroughly, accurately, and timely.

This mindset fosters consistent turn-around-times, less mistakes, and less confusion for the client.

This benefits both your wallet and your peace of mind.

By minimizing mistakes and delays, it ensures a timely litigation process, and thereby saving you money.

By emphasizing reliability and predictability, you legal team won’t have to delicately navigate around demanding timetables or pivot strategic decisions in crunch-time.

This leads to a more comfortable ride in the passenger seat.

The Importance of Price VS Value


If your main focus when choosing a lawyer is finding the lowest price, you may find yourself dealing with prolonged litigation, costly mistakes, or even losing your case altogether.

To ensure the most advantageous outcome from any legal issue, it’s important to take extra care by choosing a good lawyer with the right skills to maximize your chances of success.

The Importance of Price VS Value

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