Avv. Cristiano Cominotto

Cristiano Cominotto is the founder of A.L. Assistenza Legale and has been practicing law since 1997. A.L. Assistenza Legale is a law firm that has the fundamental goal of uniting the most experienced lawyers throughout the country to provide the highest quality legal assistance. Cristiano Cominotto also co-founded LawTalks.it which is the first online video magazine in Italy for lawyers and companies. He has a wealth of experience at both the national and international levels advising on Italian Labour and Employment Law. His work has been recognized by the Financial Times, and he is the recipient of numerous international awards. 

As well as being the President of A.L. Assistenza Legale, Cristiano Cominotto is also a part of numerous other organizations such as:

• ABA American Bar Association – Cochair International LEL Committee + Cochair International Outreach Committee

• The British Chamber of Commerce for Italy – Councilor and Cochair Tax and Legal Chapter

• IAA International Advertising Association – Italian Chapter’s Councilor

• LINEE Lawyers International Network for Employees and Executives – Cochair and Member