Labor law: legal assistance in the event of dismissal

Were you unfairly fired? Do you feel you are being bullied, stalked or harassed at work? Do you think your level or classification is incorrect? Are you looking for a law firm to recover all damages caused to you by your employer?

The lawyers of A.L. they will help you manage every aspect of labor law: from dismissals to harassment, from stalking to demotion and any other type of labor law issue.
We will be at your side in every fulfillment from the moment of the establishment of the employment relationship until its termination.

A dismissal can often be illegitimate: the rules that are in force in Italy regarding dismissals are in fact extremely complex. The lawyers of the Labor Law Department of A.L. they know these rules and from the first appointment they can communicate to the worker whether a dismissal is legitimate and which are the most suitable tools to protect the rights of the interested party.
If you have been unfairly dismissed, you may in fact be entitled to compensation for damages and even to reinstatement in the workplace.

Five things to know if you get fired

Whether you receive it or not receive it is exactly the same thing. If you don’t receive it by hand, it will be sent to you by registered mail. At the time of dismissal you will still be entitled to notice, which can be worked on or your employer may ask you to stay at home, but in that case the notice will be paid to you.

Just cause is the disciplinary procedure; evidently the employer accuses you of having behaved irregularly. Justified reason is dismissal for economic or organizational reasons. In this case the employer decides to give up your role for organizational or economic reasons. In both cases, you will have information to assess whether the reasons for the dismissal actually existed

If the dismissal is justified, you will be entitled to notice, severance pay and unemployment benefits (the so-called NASPI). If, on the other hand, the dismissal was unjustified, you will be entitled to a series of other financial compensations that depend on the duration of your work and the organization of the company you worked for. If, on the other hand, the dismissal was discriminatory, you will be entitled to be reinstated.

The deadlines for appealing are short. From the moment of dismissal, you have 60 days to send a letter to challenge the reasons for the dismissal. After that you will have to act in the following 180 days. You will have 30 days to obtain the severance pay and you will also have 68 days to request NASPI.

Call AL Assistenza Legale at 345 3338510. You won’t be able to handle this on your own. Labor law is extremely complex and therefore you will need a consultant who will help you step by step to resolve this type of situation.

When is a dismissal legitimate?

In order to be legitimate, a dismissal must have a justified reason: this implies that it is not discriminatory or arbitrary, but that it depends on objective and concretely ascertainable reasons.
Specifically, a dismissal is legitimate if it is caused by:

Justified objective reason

The dismissal for justified objective reason is based on the economic or reorganizational needs of the company concerned.

Justified subjective reason

The dismissal for subjective reason is caused by a serious breach of contractual obligations by the worker concerned.

Dismissal for just cause

Dismissal for just cause depends on the occurrence of a cause that does not allow the continuation, even if only temporary, of the employment relationship.
The lawyers of A.L. they can understand if your dismissal is legitimate their experience in the sector will help you understand how to act and what is the right path to take to better enforce your rights.

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