Labor law for companies

If you are a company or an executive who needs legal assistance in the field of Labor Law at national or international level, we are your correct interlocutors.
A.L. Assistenza Legale is in fact qualified and competent in many aspects of Labor Law and Industrial Relations, both nationally and internationally.
Our twenty years of experience in Labor Law allows us to intervene in the most varied fields, including, by way of example:

Assistance in the negotiation and drafting of parasubordinate and self-employment contracts. Management of employment relationships, from their establishment until their eventual termination.

Assistance in disciplinary proceedings, job changes and transfers. Up to providing assistance also in individual dismissals and in collective dismissals and in any other form of termination of employment relationships.

Assistance in the negotiation and drafting of agency contracts and business procurement. But also in the relative stages of execution of employment relationships and in their eventual termination.

Legal assistance and advice in all aspects and areas related to procedures relating to the reorganization and restructuring of companies.

Complete management of disputes both individually and collectively. Assistance in all levels of judgment and before all jurisdictions. Both with regard to companies and company executives and company directors.

A.L. Assistenza Legale was born from the experience of the labor lawyer Cristiano Cominotto, who has always dedicated himself to Labor Law, in particular for medium and large companies (over 1000 employees), also at an international level. A.L.’s Business Employment Law team also assists corporate executives nationally and internationally.

We use our experience to ensure that our clients receive the best and most efficient advice, enabling them to achieve the best results in managing their work and employment matters, using an effective and hands-on approach.
A.L. assistenza legale is also proud to be a member of Linee – The Lawyers International Network for Employees and Executives , the first legal network in the world dedicated exclusively to the needs and protection of executives operating in an international context.

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