Department of Data Protection

The legal team of A.L. Assistenza Legale in the Department of Data Protection combines in-depth knowledge in the field of data protection with the ability to conduct multidisciplinary assessments on specific cases. Our assistance extends to analyzing all issues related to personal data protection, considering their possible implications in various disciplines such as labour law, corporate law, consumer law, and compliance (including compliance with Legislative Decree 231/2001).

EU Regulation 679/2016 GDPR

Our consulting covers a wide range of issues related to the protection of personal data, with a particular focus on applying EU Regulation 679/2016 (GDPR) and managing the data protection model. We assist our clients in developing an internal privacy organizational chart, reviewing and drafting corporate documentation, and drafting data processing agreements and joint controller agreements.

Consultation and Protection from Authorities

Our professionals assess the legitimacy of data processing and protect data controllers’ interests during data usage procedures. In addition to assisting in proceedings from the Data Protection Authority and judicial authorities, our team also offers training services to stay updated on an increasingly relevant topic.

Areas of Consultation:

  • Assistance in developing an internal privacy organizational chart, with or without a Data Protection Officer (DPO);
  • Review and drafting of data processing agreements and controller agreements;
  • Assessment of the lawfulness of data processing;
  • Evaluation of data controllers’ interests in profiling, automated decisions, cloud computing, the Internet of Things, data protection by design and by default, data breaches, Privacy Impact Assessments, and the transfer of personal data outside the European Union;
  • Assistance in proceedings from the Data Protection Authority and judicial authorities;
  • Training services;

Our commitment does not stop with registration. We continue to support our clients even after obtaining the trademark registration certificate. We take care of renewals after ten years and, if necessary, extend registration applications internationally.


The Data Protection Department of A.L. Legal Assistance provides legal assistance regarding the use and protection of personal data, including profiling techniques related to marketing activities and extensive data management.

The Data Protection Department of A.L. Assistenza Legale is aimed at companies and public and private entities that require legal assistance to manage and protect personal data.

The Data Protection department of A.L. Assistenza Legale provides consulting and legal assistance in a wide range of areas, starting from the privacy check-up and data flow mapping, customized audit and checklist for necessary compliance and accountability, management of video surveillance systems, preparation, drafting or review of corporate forms concerning personal data, and many others.

The Data Protection Department of A.L. Assistenza Legale assists in the process of compliance with EU GDPR and the updated Privacy Code as per Legislative Decree 196/2003 amended by Legislative Decree 101/2018, offering consultancy and legal support for the preparation of notices, data collection management, and cookie policy development, among others.

The Data Protection department of A.L. Assistenza Legale offers assistance and support in identifying security measures through risk analysis aimed at ensuring maximum protection of personal data and compliance with privacy regulations.

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