Transport and transport insurance

The lawyers of A.L. Assistenza Legale offer advice, both in and out of court, to companies, public and private bodies in the field of transport, transport insurance and shipments. A.L.’s professionals deal with all aspects of transport law, from contracts to legal assistance in international disputes.

The team’s lawyers have proven experience in sea, air and land transport, which allows them to best assist their Clients, whether they are shipowners, carriers or subjects involved in the logistics chain. A.L. Assistenza Legale provides out-of-court consultancy through the drafting of contracts and legal opinions, but also provides legal assistance in any judicial venue, be it Italian, EU or international.

Consulting areas

  • Insurance claims
  • Logistics and shipping contracts consultancy
  • Legal issues related to multimodal transport
  • Liability of carriers
  • Issues related to cross-border sales
  • Entitlement to insurance compensation
  • Distinction between RCV policy and policy on account

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