Road accidents: find out if you are entitled to compensation for damages

Have you been directly or indirectly involved in a road accident?
We will help you manage every aspect of the road accident and physical damage.
We will be by your side in every aspect: from the moment of the road accident, until you get compensation for damages.

Who can claim damages

All those who have suffered damage: the driver of the car or motorbike, those transported, pedestrians run over. More generally all those who have suffered damage from road traffic.

What damages can you claim

Property damage

It is those damages that lead to a decrease in assets. They are represented by all those economic losses that can be added and quantified. They concern the economic sphere and not the physical or moral damages suffered by the individual as a result of the road accident.

Non-pecuniary damages

They are represented by all those damages caused by the road accident that do not concern the economic sphere and as such cannot be immediately added up and quantified. Non-pecuniary damages therefore concern the person and not his assets.

Property damage

Loss of income

The loss deriving from work activity, whether as an employee or as a freelancer. It will be necessary to produce the tax return or a document certifying the lost job.

Property damage

Damage to property, for example damage to the car or motorcycle. It will be necessary to produce the invoice, or at least the estimate of the damages, if they have not yet been repaired.

Medical expenses

These are the out-of-pocket medical expenses incurred to cover the treatment of physical injuries suffered as a result of the road accident.
It will be necessary to produce all the proofs of the expenses borne by the victim of the accident.

Non-pecuniary damages

Biological damage

The biological damage is the physical one, ie the one suffered by the body of the victim of the accident and is evaluated on the basis of a score established by a coroner who deals with civil liability.

Moral damages

The moral damage is equivalent to a percentage of the biological damage which is quantified a priori in the tables for the settlement of the civil liability damage provided for by law.

Psychic damage

Psychic and psychiatric damage is an item of damage that must be assessed as a biological damage, although it can be erroneously considered a sub-category of non-pecuniary damage.
If you have suffered a road accident, the lawyers of AL Assistenza Legale will be able to give you the best advice to obtain the maximum compensation for damages.

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