Administrative law is a fundamental part of any business activity. We want to help our clients build and run efficient and profitable businesses. A.L. Assistenza Legale aims to provide the best result obtainable with any administrative dispute.

We are able to handle complex cases and understand what it takes to get the optimal result you need. We recognize your goals, analyze your strengths and weaknesses, and find the best options accessible to everyone, whether it’s out of court settlement or going to court.

We take care to deal with each and every dispute quickly but effectively, maximizing your reputation and business, while minimizing any business disruption that may occur.

Consulting areas

  • Assistance in tender procedures
  • Consultancy in the disposal of shares in public companies
  • Urban planning and building procedures in real estate development operations
  • Assistance in urban planning agreements
  • Assistance in operations for the valorisation and disposal of real estate assets
  • Assistance in administrative proceedings before the authorities
  • Assistance in program agreements and memoranda of understanding
  • Assistance in the Pharmaceutical and Healthcare sector
  • Assistance in the Telecommunications sector
  • Assistance in the Energy sector
  • Assistance in the public utilities sector
  • Assistance in the Transport sector
  • Assistance in the water management sector

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